lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015

Bautista, Lucas and Tomás

Lucas represented a French football player because besides it's not the national sport. France shows that it has a good National team and also worldwide known football teams, for example, Paris Saint Germain (PSG).
On the other hand, Tomás and myself were the guides of the exhibition. We were the ones that had to learn the main characteristics of France and its main important monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Art Museum, and share this information with the judges of the event.

What we enjoyed the most from the exhibition were the dances interpreted (we agree that Japan had the best performance in it), and also we really like to learn new stuff and curiosities from other nations. 
Also, as a guide, I did learn a lot of new stuff I didn't know about France. For example, the Arch of Triumph was built in honour of a victory of the well-known emperor Napoleon I.

The photo shows us in our exhibition. Lucas was dressed as a French football player, and Tomás and I were both dressed 'elegant' because were the guides. You can see, in the background, a paint made by some of our best classmates in terms of painting. This paint included three well-known paints from the Paris landscapes made by the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

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