viernes, 15 de julio de 2016

A word from you to the Drama Lane group

Have you enjoyed the scenes? We’d like to have your opinion. And we’d be delighted if you dropped us a line on our Facebook page:

We hope to hearing from you soon,
                                         Ana Andrea, Ariel, Ana Paula and Silvia

Let's enjoy the show!

First, just a little glimpse of the grand opening by the three witches in Macbeth:

Here you can see the complete scenes from Macbeth, Hamlet and the Merchant of Venice:

Backstage interview to Drama Lane

Everyone has their favourite. Watch the wonderful actresses and actor talk about Shakespeare's characters and plays they like.

  What about you?
What was your favourite scene? Which of the characters did you like? Why?
Leave your comments and share your thoughts.

lunes, 4 de julio de 2016

Zoe, Francisco, Leandro, Matías, Laureano and Juan's exercise

 Here's an exercise for reading comprehension with a couple of very original questions, 6 and 9:

Answer the questions and put them in order according to the text. 

  1. What was the Lord Chamberlain’s Men? 
  1. What was his nickname? 
  1. What were his most recognized works? 
  1. How many plays did Shakespeare write? 
  1. How did he start his career?  
  1. How old would  Shakespeare be today if he were alive? 
  1. Who was Shakespeare? 
  1. What member of Shakespeare’s family was a landowner? 
  1. How many plays would Shakespeare have written if he were alive?


    1. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men was a playing company where Shakespeare worked. 
    1. His nickname was the Bard of Avon 
    1. His most recognized work were Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth and other ones. 
    1. He wrote about 38 plays. 
    1. He began a career in London as an actor, writer and a part-owner of a playing company. 
    1. If he was alive he would be 452 years old.  
    1. He was an English poet, playwright and actor. 
    1. His grandfather was a landowner. 
    1. If he were alive he would have written 330 plays. A lot! 

    Question’s order: 

Mateo and Bernardo's exercise

 Here's a good activity for practising grammar:

Activity: Circle the correct option. 
  1. He was born on 26 April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon 
  1. Shakespeare is a widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language 
  1. He wrote about 38 plays 
  1. He began a successful career in London as an actor 
  1. His plays have been translated into every major living language  
  1. He produced most of his known work between 1589 and 1613 

    Good job!

Caterina, Emilia, Malena, Clara and Karin's exercise

     Here's a good exercise for learning and practising new words:
    • Read the biography of William Shakespeare. Now match this words with their meanings: 
    1. Widely 
    1. Uncertain 
    1. Highly 
    1. Businessman 
    1. Landowner 
    1. Nickname 
    1. Playwright 

    1. A name use informally instead of your real name 
    1. Someone who works in business, usually in a high position in a company 
    1. Including a lot of different places, people, subjects, etc. 
    1. Someone who writes plays 
    1. To have or express a very good opinion of someone or something 
    1. An owner or proprietor of land 
    1. Not know, or not completely certain 


    Well done, girls!

    domingo, 3 de julio de 2016

    Shakespeare yesterday and today

    Welcome to our new project! 

    This year is the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death. We are going to do different activities and group projects as a tribute to the greatest English writer of all times.
    The Drama Lane Group are visiting our school in July and will delight us with selected scenes from three of Shakespeare's plays: Macbeth, Hamlet and the Merchant of Venice:

    Macbeth: The three witches announcing Macbeth his glorious future – Lady Macbeth reading her husband’s letter – Macbeth and Lady Macbeth before killing the king.
    Hamlet: Prince Hamlet’s monologue “to be or not to be” -  Hamlet and Ophelia – Hamlet and Gertrude, his mother.
    The merchant of Venice: Portia and Nerissa talking about the candidates – Portia and Bassanio when he chooses the right box.

      Read their introductions and say hello to welcome the group by writing a comment for them.