lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017

My personal introduction


Hello everyone! 🙋

My name is Sofía, I’m from La Plata, Buenos Aires, and I’m seventeen years old. I was born on 10th of June, four days after my mom’s birthday. I have a brother, his name is Tadeo, he’s thirteen years old. My father is fifty-one years old and he lives in a flat with his three cats, he loves cats as much as I do!

→ I like animals so much, I have two pets!

🐱 He is my little cat, his name is Teddy, he’s so sweet!

🐶 He's my dog, his name is Tito, he's older than my cat.
He's so hyperactive, he's always running around the garden!

📝📘 I love writing and reading books in my free time! I'm reading Las Hijas del Frío by Camilla Läckberg, she's writing the best crime novels, they're incredible!
I like watching tv series too, and making popcorn! That’s so funny! 😁

🎧 I like listening to music! I love Ed Sheeran so much, he’s awesome! 💙 He sings a blend of acoustic pop, folk and hip-hop. I saw him in a concert at Luna Park in 2015, it was definitely an amazing day! One of my favorite songs is Galway Girl, here you can watch the video:

Also, I love so much Niall Horan, he's amazing! he was a member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-bands of the last five years. He was born on 13th of September, 1993. 🍀 He's an irish singer and songwriter. One of my favorite songs is This Town, here you can listen to it:

I study in Ministro Luis R. Mac Kay High School, I'm in the last year!

📷 I’m studying Photography by my own, I love taking photos so much! 💖

Here you can see some of my favourite photos I've taken:

Rain drop💧
Lunar eclipse🌙

San Bernardo's dock
Next year I'm going to study Visual Communication Design in Bellas Artes

I wish you an excellent year! 🍀💓

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