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My Personal Introduction

Personal Presentation

Hi , I'm Rocio.

  I'm from La Plata, Argentina and I've got a sister, her name is Candela. She is twelve years old. I'm seventeen years old and this is my last year at secondary school.
 We have got a dog, his name is Timon.


La-importancia-de-las-clases-de-arte-en-los-ninos-1-1.jpgResultado de imagen para arte iconos  I love expressing myself by art.
         I like drawing, painting and playing and listening music. I love playing the violin, but playing piano relaxes me.

consejos-mariscos.jpgResultado de imagen para icono comida  About food... I like a great variety of dishes, from pasta to seafood, vegetables, etc.
 I love cooking sweet food, for example: pies, puddings, biscuits  and cakes.

Imagen relacionada  Books?
      I love reading. Now I'm reading "The darkness of colours" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" I love Harry Potter.
This is his school of magic and witchcraft “Hogwarts”.


Resultado de imagen para icono popcorn movieFilms and Series
    As well as reading, I also love watching series and films. I'm currently waiting for the premiere of the last episodes of "Pretty Little Liars" and also waiting for the premiere of "Pitch perfect 3", Rebel Wilson is a great comedy actress, she makes me laugh a lot.


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