domingo, 7 de mayo de 2017

My personal introduction

   Hello to all!
catedral-la-plata-2.jpgMy name is Ariana. I am 17 years old.  I was born in La Plata Known for being nicknamed " the city of the diagonals "  on September 11 in the year 1999. I live with my mother, his husband (Peca his nickname) with my sister and my 3 beautiful pets Cleopatra and Tamara that they are 2 dogs (females) caniche toy and my cat so called mishu (rescued of the street) I Am in my last year of secondary and am very happy to end and to be able to study a career that really I like, really I did not have problems in deciding and it was a great relief for my.
Supernatural_Season_10_Poster_HD_+_Text.png In my free time I am charmed with seeing series in netflix, my favorite series is "Supernatural" (recommended to 100 %) but also I love many original series of netflix as sense8 stanger things etc. I love to be able to sleep a siesta when I can.

I enjoy very much to listen to music when I am put to bed in my bed, it relaxes very much, is my routine before going away to sleeping almost always . I do not have a singer in specific that I like for that I like many types of music and to decide serious complicated . My favorite song of the moment is of electronics :  

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