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My Personal Introduction

Personal Introduction


Hello, my name is Laura, I´m 17 years old and I’m from La Plata. I was born the 1st of January of 2000 in the night, that day my mum was celebrating New Year with my family. I live in Los Hornos with my family and my pets. I’m two years older than my sister and I’m in my last year of school. Next year I’m supposed to be studying at university, but I really don’t know what I am going to be studying.

I play the piano since I was 11 years old. Two years ago from now I got into the Conservatory of Music Gilardo Gilardi, and now my life is totally dedicated to that, basically, besides school. I play classical music like Bach, Schumann, and others. I also love playing songs from films like Titanic, Untouchables, A Dog’s Tale and Twilight. One of my favourite composers is Ludovico Einaudi. He’s a composer and pianist from Italy and he has worked a lot since the 80’s. My favourite song is “Una Mattina” but I also love “Nuvole Bianche”.

Here you can hear him:

I love watching films. I almost like all types of films (I don’t like the horror ones), from the drama ones to the most silly comedies. My favourites are the cartoons and the sad ones. The last one that I saw at the cinema was Beauty and the Beast, and I really liked it. I also love watching series, maybe more than films, I don’t know. Last month I finished watching Thirteen Reasons Why and I loved it.

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